Jason and Alicia Hall Moran’s deeply personal new concert experience examines the Great Migration—the major demographic shift following emancipation in which millions of African Americans left their homes in the South for the North, West, and beyond. These men and women brought their unique musical tastes and awareness with them, as well as new concepts of instrumental excellence with African American rhythms.

With other extraordinary performances scheduled at Carnegie Hall and the Chicago Symphony Center, the Kennedy Center welcomes Jason and Alicia as they explore their own family lore and stories of this historical movement with music from rhythm and blues to gospel, work songs to jazz classics, rock ’n’ roll to classical. For one night only, they'll be joined by Grammy®-winning vocalist Smokie Norful, acclaimed wind quintet Imani Winds, and others contemporary greats to deliver universal human truths and personal reflections through music.

Two Wings celebrates the enormous influence of the black community; what it left behind, the spirit it brought with them, and the essential art it continues to inspire.

This event is part of The Human Journey, a collaboration between the Kennedy Center, National Geographic Society, and the National Gallery of Art. The Human Journey invites audiences to investigate the powerful experiences of migration, exploration, identity, and resilience through the lenses of the performing arts, science, and visual art.