The Sitdown with LB

Larry is proud to present "The Sitdown with LB", where he’ll be discussing the unique realities and experiences of being an opera singer of African-American or African descent.

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Episode 23: Michael Spyres (Special Album Launch Preview)

Episode 22: Gregory Kunde

Episode 21: Stanford Olsen

Episode 20: Chris Merritt

Episode 19: Bruce Ford

Episode 18: Arthur Woodley

Episode 17: Florence Quivar

Episode 16: Simon Estes

Episode 15: Roberta Alexander

Episode 14: Mark Rucker

Episode 13: Martina Arroyo

Episode 12: Denyce Graves

Episode 11: Pretty Yende

Episode 10: Harolyn Blackwell

Episode 9: Vinson Cole

Episode 8: Janai Brugger

Episode 7: Levy Sekgapane

Episode 6: J'Nai Bridges

Episode 5: Soloman Howard

Episode 4: Latonia Moore

Episode 3: Will Liverman

Episode 2: George Shirley

Episode 1: Angel Blue